Gray Loon Marketing Group

The Park Logo

A proposed logo for a proposed park that our good friends at Gray Loon Marketing Group worked so hard to promote. The multi-activity park was proposed to go on a site that already contained Swoder Ice Arena, Hartke Pool, Evansville Community Tennis Association Courts, McDonald and Wesselman Golf Couirses and Wesselman Woods Nature Preserve. There would have been an upgraded sotball/baseball complex and a much needed overall beautifying of the area with the demolition of an outdated and derilict Roberts Municipal Stadium and a walkway connecting to the State Hospital Park grounds. Unfortunately, the park was never realized, but we were asked to suppliment the already great ideas put forth by Gray Loon Marketing Group with an idea that we worked on together. The design you see here was made to be modular, and interchangable. Using the universal icons for all major outdoor activities, the logo was meant to be able to be infinitely reconvigured to suit any need. Big thanks to Bryan Horstman and John Ruthenburg for the iopportunity to work with them and for their continued service to our great community!

Credit: Bryan Horstman, Design Director