Evansville Museum of Arts, History & Science

Malcolm Mobutu Smith Catalogue

Artist and teacher Malcolm Mobutu Smith instructs all levels of undergraduate and graduate ceramics in his position as associate professor of ceramic art and head of ceramics at Indiana University. Malcolm was very active in the design of his catalogue, We were able to collaborate with him while designing, coming up with ideas on the fly and trying them out. One of his quotes that really stood out to us was "The vessel is my wall." referring to the way he oftentimes adorns his vessels with graffiti and pop culture imagery. We wanted to reflect this in the design. We did a little more with the design of this catalogue than we are used to with Malcolm's blessing. We not only incorporated a rough concrete wall texture to the catalogue, but also added some of his own sketches and graffiti to the wall. We chose the font Cubano by Chandler Van De Water from the great type resource Lost Type and then distressed it for a "hand painted wall sign" look. It was a pleasure to work with Malcolm on his catalogue and it's much better because of his involvement.